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Climate campaigner from Wigan makes a splash at the G7 Summit in Cornwall

Holly Jones-G7 2021 Young adult delegate individual shots - Liam Finn CAFOD-12
Holly Jones-G7 2021 - Liam Finn CAFOD-12

A campaigner from Wigan who spent the weekend campaigning in Cornwall during the G7 Summit, returns home with hopeful message – urging other local people to act.

Holly Jones, 29, spent the weekend in Falmouth, as part of a group of 18 young people from overseas development charity CAFOD, calling for world leaders to take urgent action on vaccine fairness, the climate emergency and debt cancellation for African countries.

During the weekend, the team of campaigners took part in an Interfaith event at Truro Cathedral, helped created a massive ‘Eyes of the World’ art installation at St Mary’s school in Falmouth – which featured over 1,500 eyes made by school children across the region, and supported the Surfers against Sewage ‘paddle out’.

Sharing her experience of being at the G7 Summit demonstrations, Holly says:

“It was a busy few days, but a really amazing experience. We started on Thursday evening with an Interfaith event at Truro Cathedral. It was beautiful to see people of all different faiths and backgrounds come together to speak about what they wanted to happen at the G7 Summit and how we can rebuild for a better world.

“Over the weekend, we got to work with local schools, parishes, and other organisations. The whole experience was so inspiring and the activities definitely raised awareness.

“When we were at the Surfers Against Sewage event, people were so interested. Families with children were joining in and we had lots of media support as well. Hopefully, we raised some awareness and other people will take on the call to fight against climate change and help in their own ways.

“To me, it just shows how powerful it can be when people come together for a common cause. It is so easy as individuals to think that we are on our own, but we’re not. When we come together, we can achieve remarkable things.”


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