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Bright Beginnings community spirit

bright beginnings nursery

Bright Beginnings Parade Nursery – located in Digmoor, Skelmersdale organised and held a “Litter Picking Hour” on Saturday 29th May 2021.

Children – Poppy, Jason, Tobias, Tabitha, Thomas, Callum, Liam, Jake, Zachary and Archie and their parents as well as some of the team, Paula, Diane, Stacey, Lynne, Maureen, Stacy at Bright Beginnings spent 11.30am-12.30pm picking lots of litter up from the Digmoor Parade area.

It was a huge success and the children really enjoyed themselves. The idea came from the children going on local walks with the nursery practitioners and they had seen WLBC workers picking litter, we then spoke about our environment and how we should keep it tidy to help wildlife as well as looking after and caring about where we live.

The nursery have recently taken a more “Go Green” approach, recycling, composting, saving electricity and water recycling (which has helped our herb garden grow)!

The children have been really interested and their parents have commented at how their children have been talking about recycling, our planet and keeping our town clean!

These children are aged 2-4 years, if they can do it, so can adults!

We just thought we would share this with the residents of the community, to show that even the youngest residents can make a difference and understand what we need to do for our community!


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