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Black-coated pets are being cast aside because they’re not as ‘Instagrammable’…

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Petcare brand gives top photography tips to help owners have ultimate pet-pride

As we near the busiest period of the year for pet abandonment, animal-loving pet experts at Webbox are encouraging prospective new pet owners to take pride in their black-coated cats and dogs, even if they don’t take the best Instagram snap.

Feeding into their unlucky associations, black-coated cats are the animals most likely to be rescued by animal shelters, with 70% of cats in RSPCA care homes in Britain being black, or black and white.

Recent media reports have suggested a significant driver for this disfavouring is down to the pets not being “Instagrammable”; as most black cats (and dogs) are difficult to photograph, and therefore harder to show off on social media.

Julie Butcher, Pet Expert at Webbox, said: “We live in a time where everyone wants to show off their new fur-baby on social media, and rightly so! However, we know that it can sometimes be a bit tricky to get a distinctive shot of our gorgeous black-furred cats and dogs.

“With most adoption homes having to go through virtual processes due to the impact of COVID-19, this means that many black pets will seem lacklustre on screens compared to their ginger and other coloured competitors.

“As we know, we have seen such a huge rise in pet purchases and adoptions over the COVID-19 lockdowns as people seek companionship. However, we are concerned that this could lead to a huge increase in abandonment as things, hopefully, return to normality in the New Year – a time when pet abandonment is unfortunately already rife.”

Last year, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home revealed that it found forever homes for over double the amount of pets during the first week of lockdown than the week preceding.

However, not all forever homes are as permanent as pet charities would hope.

From 2015 to 2017, the RSPCA stated that it took them, on average, 30 days to rehome their black cats whilst ginger cats only took an average of 19 days. Their most common cat rescued by the charity are those who are black and white, but unfortunately these forlorn felines take an average of 28 days to find their new owner.

To help encourage new, or current, black-furred pet owners to take pride in their pets, Webbox shares its black pet photography tips from Belfast-based photographer, Conor Braiden.

Conor says: “Of course, studio lighting and a professional camera setup will always be the best way to snap a perfect pet portrait. However, black-furred pet owners should also know these simple tricks to bring their cat or dog to life in a photo.


“Giving your pet a stylish accessory like a blinged-out collar or an eccentric scarf is the perfect way to help them stand out in a photo. This Christmas, gift your pets something that will really show off their personality in the Christmas family portrait.


“You only need to check out the #BlackCat feed on Instagram to know that a black pet’s biggest asset is its gorgeous stand-out eyes. Use some treats, like Webbox’s Chomping Chews or Tasty Sticks, and hold these above the camera to grab your pet’s attention and to snap the perfect shot of their bright-eyed faces.


“If you’re really struggling to get a great shot of your black pet, then use them for what they’re best at – silhouettes! As the days get darker earlier, now is the best time of year to use the setting sun to create a dramatic backdrop for your silhouetted pet portrait.

Whether you’ve found yourself with a darling new pet recently or had a hard-to-snap fur baby for some time, all our pets deserve some time in the spotlight. This Christmas, be sure to upload as many photos as you can to truly celebrate your gorgeous furry friend.

For further information on treats that are perfect for all pets, visit www.webbox.co.uk.

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