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Tech tweaks make it easier than ever to report highways issues


Lancashire County Council has made it easier than ever to report problems such as potholes, faulty streetlights and traffic lights, with the council’s Report It website now fully integrated with the Love Clean Streets mobile app and website.

More and more people are taking advantage of being able to quickly report highways issues ‘on the go’, with over 6,000 reports being made via the app since April 2022.

Anyone reporting problems via the county council’s website may notice small differences to Report It which were introduced recently to take advantage of the better user experience offered by Love Clean Streets.

The most significant change is that people will now need an email address and password to create an account as they log their report, but this only adds a few seconds to the process.

The mobile app is still the best way to report highways issues as people won’t need to log in every time they use it. App users can also pinpoint where the issue is using the location facilities on their phone, and more easily attach photos directly from their phone. Adding photos helps the council’s highways team to understand and locate issues, and often speeds up their response.

County Councillor Rupert Swarbrick, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “Our highways teams follow an inspection regime to check our roads and infrastructure for problems.

“But we also rely on members of the public letting us know about issues they find when they’re out and about which helps us to respond more quickly and keep our roads safe.

“I’m very grateful for everyone who takes the time to report a highways issue. We adopted the Love Clean Streets app in Lancashire in April 2022 as many people find it quicker and more convenient than using the website, and we’ve now integrated the Report It function on our website with Love Clean Streets.

“People who regularly use our website to report things may notice some small differences, and as we’ve taken the opportunity to make some small design tweaks, I hope that overall they find it a better experience.”

You can report a highways problem, or find out more about the changes by clicking Report It on the Lancashire County Council homepage lancashire.gov.uk.


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