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Roy Evans and Joe Royle support Charity Event

mayors charity sports event

The Mayor of West Lancashire, Councillor Gordon Johnson was delighted to hold his first charity event of his term.

Merseyside football greats former managers of Liverpool and Everton football clubs; Roy Evans and Joe Royle were in attendance at the Stanley Institute in Burscough last Friday 1st October 21.

Skelmersdale charity Birchwood and Ormskirk 5th St. Anne’s Guides and Brownies are the charities that have been nominated by the Mayor.

The event was well attended and raised a significant amount for charity.

Roy Evans and Joe Royle happily answered questions from the floor.

Question to Roy Evans;

Who was the greatest manager between Shankly and Paisley?

Thanks for all the easy questions; yeah, without Shankly Liverpool wouldn’t be were they are today. He came when we were in the 2nd division and he managed to get us in the first division. Paisley took it on in a different was but for me Shankly will always be our greatest ever manager.

What was your favourite ever game as a coach, player or manager?

My personal one would be the Newcastle game 4-3, the second one we should have won 4-1. The games against Newcastle would always go down as the two best games in my time

Joe Royle also answered many questions including

Who were the main characters in the 1970’s title winning team?

West, Labone, crazy the pair of them together. We came away from training every day with sore ribs through laughing. Johnny Morrisey was strong as well and senior, however if you had said who would have been Everton greatest ever manager?. I don’t think anyone would have said Howard because he was younger players at the time.

When did you think you were going to win the FA Cup against “United” in 1995 was it at a certain point during the game or the final whistle?

The final whistle. Going back to early on, we had a good start in the league, we won the first 3 games. The board was slightly excited and asked if I thought if we could have a run in the FA cup this year. I said I’ll tell you what have a bet on us, because we are playing cup football and were not easy to beat anymore. We won the cup.

I don’t think you can get carried away, even with 5 minutes to go. Football can always bite you back, I was quite happy when the final whistle goes.

It was an entertaining evening, if you get a chance to catch an after dinner event with Roy Evans and Joe Royle, you won’t be disappointed.

For further information about Skelmersdale charity Birchwood they can be contacted


mayors charity sports event


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