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New enforcement cameras to improve safety at key Ormskirk junctions

LCCStock Ormskirk Five Ways junction
The Five Ways junction in Ormskirk

Work is due to start soon on a project to improve safety at two junctions in Ormskirk by installing cameras to deter people from speeding and driving through on red lights.

The scheme is focused on the Five Ways junction west of the town centre where the A59 County Road and A570 Southport Road cross and Halsall Lane feeds in, and the nearby junction where Hayfield Road and Green Lane meet the A59 County Road.

There is strong demand from the local community for action to improve safety at these junctions due to a history of serious incidents resulting in people being killed and seriously injured.

The work involves installing cameras at 9 locations around the two junctions, with one camera covering each approach.

The cameras are designed to capture incidents where people drive through the junction on a red light, or above the speed limit.

Lancashire County Council is asking people to leave more time for their journeys while the work is ongoing, as lane closures and temporary multi-way traffic signals will be needed for the cameras to be safely installed.

The work is scheduled to begin on Monday 16 October and take around six weeks, with advanced warning signs due to be put up shortly to alert people to the likelihood of delays.

A period of testing will be needed after the cameras are installed before they can be made operational and begin being used by the police for enforcement.

County Councillor Rupert Swarbrick, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “The Five Ways and Hayfield Road junctions have a poor safety record, and this scheme has been designed to deter the type of behaviour which has been a contributing factor in many of the serious incidents there have been over the years.

“One of the most common causes identified is failing to comply with the traffic signals. The enforcement cameras are equipped with the latest technology available and are capable of capturing vehicles running red lights and detecting speeding vehicles.

“This is a significant investment in making these junctions safer, and should prevent future incidents by encouraging people to take more care negotiating them. I also hope this scheme provides some reassurance to everyone who lives and travels in this area.”

A combined total of over 20 collisions, of which 6 were serious, have been recorded in the most recent 5-year collision data.


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