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New criteria agreed for residential parking schemes

Red Rose Lancashire

Councillors have agreed revised criteria for residential parking to give people more clarity about the circumstances for new schemes to be considered and provide the basis for requests to be prioritised.

A report to Lancashire County Council’s cabinet outlined that while the council had removed the offer to provide new schemes from the highways service delivery plan in 2015, a small resource was now due to be provided each year to consider and establish new schemes.

It emphasised that establishing new schemes was costly and time-intensive, and it was therefore important to agree criteria for future schemes to manage the demand and ensure that limited resources available were used effectively.

The starting point for any new residents parking scheme is that the majority of households must be wholly reliant on the highway for parking.

Other key criteria are that any new scheme must include at least 20 residential properties, be supported by a majority of residents, and one or more external factors be having an impact on the opportunity for residents to park reasonably near their homes. These could include substantial levels of on-street parking by commuters, or proximity to shops, hospitality, leisure facilities or hospitals.

County Councillor Keith Iddon, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “Availability of residential parking is an issue for many residents, and there are already a number of schemes in place throughout the county to manage this and provide residents with the chance to buy a permit which allows the scheme to be enforced while also covering the costs of operation and maintenance.

“While there is some level of pressure on parking in many areas, we need to consider the overall impact that a new residential parking scheme will have on all-road users, and it’s therefore important to have a clear set of criteria in place to ensure that requests can be prioritised and fairly considered on the basis of available evidence.

“The county council will again be considering requests for new schemes, however I would ask everyone to recognise that there will be a limited resource available to manage what is a time-consuming process of gathering and considering evidence, with the need for schemes to be designed, consulted upon and feedback sought from residents and their representatives before a scheme can be established.”


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