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Photo Credit: Chloe Aitken

Makeup is an amazing thing. It has the ability to change someone’s features, identity or even just confidence. Makeup was introduced to me through my dancing. Performing on stage I adored, but I loved putting on all of the makeup beforehand just as much. As I got older I realised that I noticed makeup everywhere, strangers on the street, models in magazines and even the way artists created a look on a soap. Quickly I became obsessed, practicing, playing and creating different looks with different techniques. From the age of 17 I was constantly being asked ‘are you a makeup artist?’, and when my reply was ‘no’ people always looked shocked. As a waitress I was even asked if I had a price list by two ladies who didn’t even ask if I was a makeup artist or not! I realised that makeup was my thing it was one skill I knew I had and that came naturally to me, and so it became my dream, to make other people feel as confident as I felt when I put on my makeup. Becoming a makeup artist would be perfect for me, it’s something I want to make a living from, I want to learn more and more, as much as I can, becoming the best I can be.

Eventually I’ve taken the plunge, after years of debating I’ve put my savings into setting up my own business. I know I’m going to put everything I’ve got into this job, making it my number one priority and hopefully building a client base of gorgeous women of a range of ages.

I know young girls have their proms coming up soon and I want to make this my first stepping stone. I am going to have a price of just £15 for a full face of makeup to anyone wanting to book me in for their prom night. This will cover the cost of my makeup and travelling. I want to do this for a low price because I know people and places over charge-because they can! A prom is something every girl will remember for the rest of their lives and I want to help create that feeling of looking in the mirror and feeling a million dollars. Whether that means natural makeup to enhance their best features or more glam and sparkly. This is the reason I want to make it in the makeup industry (becoming a makeup artist) because the feeling of watching a client look in the mirror and see their faces light up never gets boring, if makes you feel amazing! I want to make sure all young girls have the opportunity, especially on such a special day, to afford to get all glammed up!


For further details contact Chloe through the following links:

Instagram: makeupbychloeaitken

Facebook: Makeup By Chloe Aitken

Phone: 07482581442


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