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Liverpool climate campaigners swap high street gift list for a climate conscious one this Christmas

fight fires in the amazon
Paula volunteers as an indigenous firefighter to help prevent fires from spreading out of control.’

Liverpool campaigners who participated in the COP26 climate protests on Global Day of Action are continuing to fight the climate crisis by buying lifesaving virtual gifts this Christmas.

Passionate to making positive difference to tackling climate change, even when it comes to their Christmas shopping – CAFOD supporters from Liverpool are continuing their campaign for climate justice by gifting their loved ones with a CAFOD World Gift, this Christmas.

The virtual World Gift is a life changing gift that represents and supports an area of development work by Catholic aid charity CAFOD, that helps transform the lives of vulnerable communities affected by poverty and climate change.

The Restore the rainforest gift (£719) supports people living in the Amazon who are under threat of eviction due to clearance, burning and logging and this gift can pay for the legal support needed to keep a community on their land so they can continue to protect and restore the rainforest they are living in.

The Fight fires in the Amazon gift (£18) can pay for essential tools such as hoes, sickles and hammers to enable indigenous fire brigades to manage the land they live on, preventing fires from starting or spreading. With the climate crisis making the summers hotter and dryer, this gift is needed more than ever as the fires happen more often.

We all have the right to a home where we feel safe and can live with dignity, and the Safe place to call home gift (£175.00) does just that by helping families to access the legal support they need to secure their homes and livelihoods. This World Gift can pay for the legal fees to secure a family home, crops and land for generations.

CAFOD representative for Liverpool, Siobhan Farnell says:

“As we enter the season of discount bargains, poverty doesn’t do price cuts.

“The coronavirus pandemic combined with the worsening climate crisis, is pushing even more people into poverty. Our Charity gifts can bring joy to both those you give them to and the people we work with.

“Our World Gifts selection are waste-free. The money raised will give opportunities to the most vulnerable people in communities to achieve life-improving change.

“We are inspired by CAFOD supporters in Liverpool, loyal World Gift purchasers, their compassion and generosity is at the heart of changing lives.”

restore the rainforest
‘Dona Lindalva is a community leader in Porto Seguro Settlement in Brazil, a protected area in the Amazon surrounded by cattle farms.’
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