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Lancashire Walks to School Day will mark coronation


Pupils and teachers will be invited to take part in a new Lancashire Walks to School Day in May to promote the benefits of walking over getting dropped off in the car, and celebrate the coronation of King Charles.

A Notice of Motion agreed by Lancashire County Council on Thursday 23 February commits to holding the event to “combine our commitment to the priority of protecting the environment, together with celebrating the historic Coronation of our new Monarch.”

Lancashire Walks to School Day aims to build on support already provided by the county council to schools to encourage walking and cycling, and teach children how to be safe on the roads, by bringing schools together on one special day.

County Councillor Jayne Rear, cabinet member for education and skills, said: “Choosing to walk compared with a car journey has very real benefits for our physical and mental health, and making this change on one day could be the start of a new habit for everyone involved, as well as a memorable way to mark the Coronation.

“Our officers are working on the details for this event and will be writing to schools in the coming weeks to invite them to take part, and offer some resources to help them prepare. We already have support available for schools who are keen to work with students and parents on walking and cycling, and I see this countywide event being another big step forward that we can all take together.”

The Notice of Motion outlines that Lancashire Walks to School Day to be held on Friday 19 May will be a chance for children to highlight their concerns about climate change, air pollution, traffic congestion, and the impact that parking close to the school gates has on them. Pupils who live a longer distance from school will also be encouraged to participate by walking part of the way.

County Councillor Michael Green, cabinet member for health and wellbeing, added: “There are so many benefits of a short outdoor walk over taking the car, and I’m keen that as many children as possible get to experience this on Lancashire Walks to School Day.

“As well as the physical and mental benefits of exercise for those taking part, more people walking to school and for other short journeys helps everyone by reducing congestion and air pollution and is a good habit for people to start early and keep up throughout their lives.

“King Charles’ concern for our environment is very well-known and this event will be a particularly fitting way to mark his Coronation.”

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