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Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service Promote Cross-Cultural Event at Burnley Fire Station

lfrs cross cultural event

In a display of community spirit and cross-cultural connections, a group of Bengali women, brought together by Age UK Lancashire, met with Trefoil Guild members at Burnley Fire Station on Sunday, 3 December.

Led by Rana Muttakin, the group of Bengali ladies get together every Thursday morning, and recognising the need for language support, Community Safety Advisor Ruth Braithwaite invited her mum, a retired teacher, to aid the women in improving their English.

Ruth’s mum is a member of the Trefoil Guild, comprising of retired Girl Guide Leaders, and she met with Rana and her group for a cultural feast at Burnley Community Fire Station.

Ruth said: “Upon learning of the Bengali ladies’ need for English assistance, Rana shared their aspiration. Knowing my mum’s background as a retired teacher, I extended an invitation for her support.

“Now, she joins the group weekly, dedicating her teaching experience to enhancing their spoken English skills. Additionally, she shares her knowledge about local history and cherished traditions in Burnley.”

The group showcased their culinary expertise with biryani, samosas, and chickpea Dahl, while the Trefoil Guild members baked classic English desserts like apple crumble, bread and butter pudding, and scones.

Beyond the culinary exchange, the afternoon was filled with conversations about diverse cultures, local history, and traditions.

The firefighters gave attendees an insightful tour of the station, further cementing the bond between the groups. The success of this gathering has sparked a desire for more meet ups in the future.


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