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Getting back behind the wheel? Here’s some useful advice

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Drivers getting back behind the wheel are being urged to carry out safety checks on their vehicles before setting off on their journeys this summer.

Some cars have been rarely used during lockdown, so it’s essential to make sure they’re fit for purpose. Drivers may also feel out of practice if they haven’t been in a car for a while.

So if you’re getting back on the road for a day trip, Highways England has issued helpful advice to help you stay safe.

Richard Leonard, Highways England Head of Road Safety, Safety, Engineering & Standards, said:

“If you haven’t driven for a while due to lockdown, you might feel a bit strange getting back behind the wheel, and your vehicle will need a few simple checks to ensure it’s roadworthy.

“Checking your tyres, oil, water, lights and fuel doesn’t take long – but it will help keep you and your loved ones safe.

“And if you’re on a long journey, remember to take breaks. Let’s all enjoy summer safely.”

Highways England provides real time traffic information.

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