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Flash floods raise worries about winter to come


On Saturday (28 July) a very short storm saw many streets in the Lancaster district turn into rivers as drains failed to cope with the level of rainfall.

Erica Lewis, County Councillor for Lancaster South East, who mobilised council services to respond on Saturday afternoon and evening said, “It was a very short storm, which saw drains overwhelmed, pavements flood, and a number of houses and businesses have rainwater or sewerage enter their premises”.

Councillor Lewis continued, “It is very worrying for residents that a number of places that experienced flash flooding on Saturday were also places that flooded last November. Residents and businesses were promised that drains would be cleaned, but either they weren’t, or they weren’t cleared properly, or they need more regular cleaning than they are getting.”

“I want to thank both the city and county council staff who responded to our calls for help on Saturday afternoon and evening to start on street sweeping and gully cleaning ahead of further forecasted rain. The leaf fall was unseasonal, but the drains that have been left blocked for months and months demonstrate that more resources are needed in this area, and desperately needed before winter.”

“It’s not unreasonable to expect that drains are clear and working, especially as we move towards winter. Lancashire County Council must commit more resources to ensure drains, across the county, and especially where there is a history of flooding, are clear and working.”

“As I’m aware that a number of residents had problems with water and worse coming up out of drains and sewers I would also ask United Utilities what plans they have to expand the capacity of the drainage system in Lancaster?”


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