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Could you offer a forever loving home to three incredible sisters under the age of five?

Sarah, Betsy and Phoebe are looking for forever homes. Image posed by models and names changed to protect their identities
Sarah, Betsy and Phoebe are looking for forever homes. Image posed by models and names changed to protect their identities

A new campaign has been launched by Adoption Lancashire and Blackpool to recruit more adopters willing to give brothers and sisters a loving home by adopting them.

One of the sibling groups they are hoping to find a permanent loving home for are sisters Sarah, Betsy and Phoebe, who are all aged under five. Adoption Lancashire & Blackpool are currently looking for a family who can adopt them together.

This is a real-life case study but we have changed the children’s names and the image is posed by models to protect their identities.

Sarah is the chatterbox and eldest of the family. She absolutely loves to have the attention of grown ups and for them to play with her. She loves dancing, running, water play and having stories read. She likes to play on her balance bike and scooter and, in the summertime, have a splash around in the paddling pool. She’s not really scared of anything and is bold and brave so adults do have to keep a good eye on her so she doesn’t get hurt! She’s a determined little girl but can be a little bit wary in new situations with people she doesn’t know. She needs lots of reassurance from trusted grown ups. Her foster carers say she’s an adorable and sweet little girl and loves to have a good cuddle with them.

Betsy is the middle child and little miss independent. She loves nothing more than to spend the day playing happily at home. She likes to get all her toys out of the toy box and then spends the day going through them all playing with them or simply carrying them around. She loves to play in ball pools and water and really loves it when people make her laugh. Betsy was born quite early and this has meant she has some health needs. She has to go to lots of appointments and some parts of her development are a little behind children her age. She doesn’t let it stop her though, but her family will need to be able to give the extra help she needs to reach her potential.

Phoebe is quite simply always happy. She loves a good cuddle and would sit all day being cuddled if she could. She’s very chatty and will babble and chatter away all day long, usually with a smile on her face. She’s very sociable and loves playing and being the centre of attention. She is just starting to learn to get around by herself. She can get into position to crawl and move a little, and is hoping to master this soon so she can keep up with the others. She pulls herself up on the furniture too, and likes it when her foster carers hold her hands to walk around with them. She’s independent and if she decides she can do something herself definitely does not want help with it, even if it isn’t going too well! She loves music and dancing and gets very excited and giggles lots when playing.

Karen Barker, senior manager at Adoption Lancashire & Blackpool said: “If you are thinking about expanding your family, a sibling group is such a wonderful way to do this.

“Adopting siblings means that you are keeping that precious sibling bond intact as you welcome them into your family. Plus, you will become the proud parents of three incredible girls in one go, what could be more exciting?”

Victoria Gent, chair of Adoption Lancashire and Blackpool, continued: “We know our brother and sister groups have strong family bonds and need to stay together to ensure as much stability in their lives as possible.

“Nationally there are very few families who are able to adopt groups of three or more brothers and sisters, which sadly means that it can take a very long time to find them a family and sometimes we have to consider them living separately.

“We are keen to welcome applications from people of any sexuality or gender. It doesn’t matter if you are married or have a partner either, we have lots of excellent single adopters. Our adoption process includes everyone – having children can be for everyone.

“Sarah, Betsy and Phoebe are looking for an adoptive family where they can grow up together and continue to build their bond as sisters. Because of their young ages and Betsy needing extra help with her development and having lots of appointments they need a family who can make sure all of the children can meet their potential.”

“The most important thing for us is that these amazing children find loving, stable, supportive forever homes. We are hopeful that someone very special is out there for them, we just need them to come forward.”

Councillor Jim Hobson, Blackpool Council’s cabinet member for children’s social care, added: “It’s often in the best interests of the children that a sibling group is placed together in an adoptive family, so we are keen to hear from people who feel that they may be able to offer a loving, secure and understanding home to a sibling group.

“If you’re considering adoption, then please think about whether you could look after siblings. Our dedicated adoption team will support you every step of the way.”

Find out more about adoption, about Sarah, Betsy and Phoebe, or contact our friendly team at adoptionlancashireblackpool.org.uk


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