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WWL physio helps ballet dancer back to the barre after 25 years


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After 25 years, a ballet dancer has returned to the barre thanks to the help of a Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust physio.

Linda Pickup, 57, from Great Harwood in Lancashire, has been given the opportunity to perform with her ballet class for the first time in 25 years following treatment at the Trust’s Wrightington Hospital.

And Linda has physiotherapist, Sonya Spencer, to thank in particular for helping to rehabilitate her feet.

“I was referred to Sonya by a consultant at Wrightington after I had expressed my upset at being given an incorrect diagnosis at another hospital,” says Linda.

“After I’d met with her, she gave me hope that I would improve and gave me exercises to do at home. She just helped, supported and inspired me so much.”

The help provided by Sonya not only gave Linda the confidence to get up on stage again to perform with her fellow dancers from the Janet Lomas School of Dancing, Bury, but helped with her overall health issues.

“I cried when I put my ballet slippers on again for the first time,” adds Linda, “it was amazing to be able to dance again.

“My overall health has improved too, and, while my feet are still a little sore, with insoles I am able to dance and can also walk much further than I could.

“Sonya, is a very special person who has lit up my life again and made me sparkle. I would tell anyone who has found themselves in a similar position to me, don’t ever give up!

“There is always a way to get back into something you loved doing, it helps much more than your physical health – it makes you feel wonderful!

Sonya added; “Linda’s potential to improve with physiotherapy was set from her initial assessment when we identified her immense joy from ballet.

“Despite having not danced for some years, this was just the inspiration it took to unlock her overall benefits of rehabilitation.

“I firmly believe that physiotherapy should be enjoyable and I have found in making it enjoyable this maximises participation and teamwork between therapist and client. We are very fortunate within WWL to work with an amazing team of physiotherapists and our department ethos actively encourages listening to the patients’ own goals and aspirations to tailor our work.”

Sonya continued; “I’m very proud to have made a positive impact with Linda. Through specialist assessment, physical rehabilitation reassurance and encouragement, I played a small part in helping her to return to her treasured hobby that she thought was impossible.

“I hope it shows other people, and especially Linda, that we sometimes don’t know what our limits are.

I would like to thank Linda for her kind words, hard work and smiles along our journey and I would definitely encourage her to keep dancing.”

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