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Will you be gifting #SafeSlippers this Christmas?

Staff from the Falls Improvement Group promoting #SafeSlippers this Christmas (L-R) Sonya Moss – Clinical Quality Practitioner, Dr Christina Heaton – Nurse Consultant, Rob Clucas – Physiotherapist, Karen Ashcroft – Clinical Quality and Accreditation Lead

This winter period, Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust is encouraging the people of Wigan to choose #SafeSlippers when buying presents for loved ones.

Slippers are a great gift to buy for your loved ones, especially as the weather starts to chill, but buying the right kind can also help to keep them safe as old, worn or poorly fitting slippers are one of the main causes of falls in older people.

A fall can lead to injury, a loss of confidence and even a long hospital stay which is why making the right purchase is so important.

The campaign is being championed by staff from the Trust’s Falls Improvement Group, which includes clinicians, physiotherapists, nurses, and occupational therapists.

Karen Ashcroft, Clinical Quality and Accreditation Lead, said; “We know that a fall can be really detrimental to our patients, which is why we’re committed to reducing the number of falls in our hospitals and in the community”

“Even if this campaign only helps to prevent one fall, that may still make a huge difference to someone’s life, but we really need the public’s help in this.”

When choosing slippers, ensure that are without a heel, close-backed, can be fastened, and have a good grip, as these qualities can be crucial in preventing falls.

There are many other ways to reduce the risk of falling, from doing regular strength and balance exercises and regular medication reviews; to simple things like making sure your environment is free of clutter, keeping glasses clean so that you can see any obstacles or simply talking to someone about your fear of falling.

The right gift can be the best gift, helping your loved ones to stay independent, healthy and safe.

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