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Weaving in Prisons at Helmshore Mills Textile Museum


An exhibition showing how textiles were produced through the creativity of prisoners during the 19th century has opened at Helmshore Mills Textile Museum.

The ‘Weaving in Prisons’ exhibition runs until Monday 31 August.

Visitors will be able to gain a fascinating understanding of the types of jobs that were done in prisons, including weaving and printing.

Louise Jacobsson, Lancashire County Council’s manager at Helmshore Mills, said: “This exhibition gives a thought-provoking insight into a hidden world.

“There is a focus on weaving and cotton picking and also on the changes brought about by the introduction of the power loom and prison reform.

“In the early 1820s Preston Prison was reported to be ‘run as a cotton weaving factory with 150 men employed’, and at Lancaster Prison an ingenious design allowed the treadmill to turn line shafting and power the looms.”

To find out about opening times or for more information about events at the Helmshore Mills Textile Museum, call 01706 226459 or email helmshoremuseum@lancashire.gov.uk

Alternatively, visit www.lancashire.gov.uk/museums

Car parking is free and Helmshore Mills Textile Museum is fully accessible for disabled visitors, including people with guide dogs.

Admission to Helmshore Mills Textile Museum is £4 for adults, £3 for concessions and free for accompanied children.

Helmshore Mills Textile Museum is run by Lancashire County Council’s museum service.

More information about other Lancashire County Council’s museums is available at www.lancashire.gov.uk/museums


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