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Voters reminded of polling stations being selfie-free zones


Voters are being reminded of the polling station etiquette ahead of the vote on Thursday. During the age of social media it may prove to be tempting to record the moment with a selfie or a picture of the ballot paper to show the world Twitter or Facebook. However, it is against the election guidelines to take pictures inside a polling station due to the laws around revealing ballot form identities. Voters are being advised to save the selfies for outside of the polling station, with the signs acting as a perfect backdrop for that all important photo.

When it is time for the results of the election, Wigan Council will be bringing the latest information through social media, including for the first time live footage as the results come in through the night on mobile app Periscope. To watch the results simply follow @WiganCouncil on Twitter or for more information go to Wigan Council’s Facebook page.

The returning officer for the election, Donna Hall, said ‘We want everyone who can vote to do so on Thursday as it’s a big part of The Deal for people to have their say. And while we understand people may want to make everyone aware they are taking part in the democratic process there are rules which govern what can and can’t be done in a polling station. So if you want a picture celebrating your trip to the ballot box, please make sure you take it outside the polling station.’

The count for the General Election will be taking place immediately after the polling stations have closed on Thursday evening.

The count for the local election will be taking place on Friday afternoon.


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