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Vampires of Hungary: The Holy Roman Empire



Do you long for the days of medieval horror? Do you like your horror with a pinch of comedy? Do you love vampires? If you answered yes to any of those questions then check out Vampires Of Hungary: The Holy Roman Empire now on Kickstarter at www.kickstarter.com/projects/199110164/1019853824?ref=469512&token=3381f80b

Follow Peter a nervous priest as he and some knights from the Vatican led by the haunted Arthur investigate claims that the Hungarian cabinet is full of vampires. Watch as the resourceful Queen of Hungary Barbara De Cilli struggles to not only convince the visitors that the cabinet members aren’t vampires but to keep control of her country.

Vampires Of Hungary: The Holy Roman Empire will be a five issue horror comedy series with the current Kickstarter being for the first two issues. There’s a host of rewards running from a digital wallpaper and thanks (£3) all the way to pledgers being drawn into a speaking role in the comic and getting digital copies of early drawings (£40).

The series is David Jenkins’ first comic project although he has had short stories, articles and reviews published before. It also features the art of Aan Budi Sulistyo, who was behind Star Missions among several other independent comics.

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