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Ugly dog contest seeks to celebrate ‘uncute’ mutts

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Owners of ugly dogs have been invited to enter a national contest to win a makeover for their unfortunate pets.

The competition, run by photography company ParrotPrint.com, has been set-up to find the UK’s ugliest dog and comes with a warning urging pretty dogs not to apply.

Dog owners are being invited to send in photos of their ugly pets with the prize of a professional doggie makeover and a before and after photo session.

The competition organisers claim that, while every dog is beautiful in the eyes of their owners, the contest sets out to celebrate pets who are visually challenging.

A spokesman said: “Britain is a nation of dog lovers but there are some pets out there with a face only a mother could love.

“We are talking about the pug ugly mutts who are truly difficult to look at. There are some awful looking dogs out there but we wanted to give all of them the chance to shine.

“If you think your dog is butt ugly then we want to hear from you. The winning mutt will be treated to a professional grooming and a before and after photo session.

“Let’s see if we can transform an ugly dog into a beautiful pooch and brighten up its owner’s life at the same time.”

The spokesman said that a large number of ParrotPrint.com orders were for canvas prints of dogs and cats – reflecting Britain’s love affair with its pets.

He added: “There have been a number of TV shows where humans get tarted-up and given a makeover so we thought it would be fun to do the same thing for a dog.

“There are plenty of cute doggies out there across the UK but we don’t want to hear from them. This is a competition for only the most ugly dogs in the land. Forget about the cute dogs we want to see the uncute.

“I am talking about the dogs you’d cross the street to avoid. The mutts who look so ugly their owners feel they have to apologise for owning them.

“We believe we can transform them into something truly beautiful and give their owners a fantastic photoshoot experience too. But it has to be a challenge so pampered pooches need not apply.”

The contest is open for entries now with a closing date of 31st December 2022. The 12 shortlisted dogs will be announced in the New Year ahead of the selection of an overall winner. To find out how to apply visit www.parrotprint.com/blog/ugly-dog or email your entry to uglydog@parrotprint.com

To find out how to create the perfect print of your pet to hang on your wall at home please visit: parrotprint.com/blog/print-your-pet


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