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TUC calls for national task force on Carillion


Union group calls for risk assessments of other large outsourcing firms

The TUC has called for the government to assemble a national task force to deal with the crisis at construction and outsourcing firm, Carillion.

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said:

“We urgently need a national task force involving unions to safeguard jobs, services, and pensions.

“Workers can’t be left at the back of the queue. Each and every worker at Carillion needs to know where they stand. They have bills and mortgages to pay, and deserve certainty on their future.

“And we have to ensure that there aren’t more Carillions on the horizon. That means an immediate risk assessment of all large outsourcing firms with government contracts. Public services are already under pressure, and can’t take another hit like this.”

The TUC says the task force should:

  • involve unions to give Carillion workers certainty on their jobs, pay and pensions;
  • bring Carillion’s public-sector contracts back in-house to ensure consistent delivery;
  • support transfer of private sector contracts to alternative providers with jobs, pay and pensions protected;
  • fund a training and financial support package for at-risk workers and apprentices; and
  • perform a risk assessment on other large outsourcing firms to avoid another crisis.

The TUC points to the example of the MG Rover task force, established by the government and unions in 2005, following the collapse of the car company.


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