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Trying to contact a lost friend


We received a message from a gentleman who is trying to get in contact with an old friend after he lost touch. The message we received is published below.

Hi, my name is John Stocks and I’m trying to get in contact with George Hewitt. I was best man at his wedding in Scunthorpe in 1982, but he eventually moved back to Skem in the late 80’s and we lost contact.

George was in his mid twenties and he’d just left the Army. He’d been in 12 Air Defence Regiment and had just returned from a tour of the Falkland Islands. I actually got to know him through his fiancée, Anita. His parents were Wally and Evie who lived in Skelmersdale New Town, I think Mayflower Avenue but I’m not sure about that last bit. He went on to train as a welder before he and Anita split up and then he moved back to the Skelmersdale area to be nearer to his family. I last heard from him in about 1992 by way of a phone call, but since then I’ve moved house and got re-married and I would just like to get in contact with him again. Thanks.

Please contact us at info@skemnews.com with any information you may have.


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