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The mystical mountains of Cumbria


SkemNews are pleased to announce that we will be publishing a selection of articles written by the Skelmersdale Writers’ Group. All rights remain with the Skelmersdale Writers’ Group.


I seek to escape to the Cumbrian mountains on high,

to be free from all burdens, waving them goodbye.

I disconnect from a world chaotic and mad,

entering into landscape where freedom can be had.

The sound of nature has a melody that sings,

that is sweet and blissful in the peace it brings.

I take a moment by the stream of waters pure,

as the babbling brook is soothing that’s for sure.

Upon the rock I begin ascending with much anticipation,

to view the world on the heights of God’s creation.

I see the peaks of mountains draw close to the sky,

within a different world up here on high.

Upon all landscape the sun does glisten

and to the silence of peace, I am still and listen.

As here I stand upon a strong foundation,

all of its grandeur fills me with such elation.

In this moment of witnessing all perfection,

I gather my thoughts in a time of reflection.

When my life is full of doubt and confusion,

it is here I find all sense, that brings a conclusion.

The Lord is my shepherd, the keeper of my Soul,

my rock, refuge and fortress, he makes me whole.

All that he created I savour and embrace

and through it constantly flowing, the Spirit of Grace.

The mountains of Cumbria are mystical and grand,

un-changing, ever present in the heart of this land.


© 2017 Paul Le Marinel


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