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The clean glass test: How to spot if your glasses are clean in pubs

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Brits heading to the pub over the festive season are being advised to check if their beer glasses are clean with this simple test.

The glass experts at MeandMyGlass.co.uk have revealed the six signs that a pint glass may be harbouring nasty germs and viruses.

Pub-goers are being urged to follow the clean glass test over the festive season which can help determine whether a pub glass is clean or not in a matter of seconds.

The test involves looking out for bubbles clinging to the side of the glass and poor head retention which are both alarming signs that the glass hasn’t been washed correctly.

John Cutts, a glass expert at MeandMyGlass.co.uk said: “It’s typical for many Brits to head to the pub with friends and family to get into the festive spirit.

“However, it’s easy to get carried away with the celebrations without realising the pint glass you’re drinking from hasn’t been cleaned properly.

“A filthy beer glass can be easily identified if bubbles start to cling to the side and if the foam leaves an unusual pattern after taking a sip.”

“That’s why we encourage everyone to follow the clean glass test to ensure people don’t catch any nasty bugs or viruses over the holidays.”

Here is the clean glass test – signs of an unclean glass:

  1. Bubbles clinging to the side
    If the beer bubbles start to cling to the side it’s an immediate sign that the glass is harbouring food particles or still has soap residue.
  2. The foam pattern
    Known as the lacing test, once the glass has been filled and you’ve taken your first sip, take note of the pattern that forms. The lacing that the head will form should be even around the side and create rings as you continue to drink. Any unusual patterns indicate a dirty glass.
  3. Poor head retention
    While nobody likes a pint with too much foam, if the head instantly flattens after being poured, it’s a sign that you’ve received a dirty glass.
  4. Particles on the bottom
    One of the most obvious signs is whether there are any lingering food particles in the drink. Before taking a sip, lift the glass so you have a full view of any particles floating at the bottom.
  5. A discoloured glass rim
    Any discolouring around the rim could mean grease and oil haven’t been cleaned properly. Visible marks like fingermarks and lipstick stains are also signs to be wary of.
  6. The taste
    If any of the obvious signs aren’t showing, the final and most prominent way to test a dirty glass is the taste of the beer itself. Make sure to have a small first sip to begin with so you’re not washing down a dirty pint.


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