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Team Tawd – Wildlife Meadow Maintenance/Extension


When: Saturday 7 September
Time: 10:00am – 1:00pm
Where: Tawd Valley Park (Meet outside the allotments)
Cost: Free

Everybody loves the new meadow area by the Orchard and Allotments in Tawd Valley Park. Now is the time to help look after it and extend it to make it even bigger and brighter next year.

Wildlife meadows need to be raked off in the autumn to prevent nutrients building up in the soil and vigorous grass, docks and nettles taking over. Over the past few weeks the Team Tawd Friday gang have been very busy gathering a range of seed to help spread the wildflower joy throughout a wider area and really brighten this wonderful area in your park. Many hands make light work so let’s good workforce down to the park to maintain this fantastic wildlife haven.

Meet outside the allotments at 10am.


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