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Take time to think this Alcohol Awareness Week


Alcohol and me is the theme of this year’s Alcohol Awareness Week, which runs from Monday 11 November.

People are being encouraged to think about the relationship they have with alcohol and if necessary how they could go about changing it to make it a healthier one.

Take the test to see if your drinking habits are high or low risk by taking the Alcohol Change quiz online. You can also find out just what is a unit of alcohol and what is classed as responsible drinking.


Among the ways of thinking differently is by taking the ACE pledge which encourages parents to help reduce their child’s risk of drinking by:

  • Avoiding buying alcohol for them.
  • Being Clued up on the whereabouts of your child.
  • Educate your child on the risks of drinking at a young age.

There will be a number of sessions taking place across the borough and there will be pop-up stalls in places like The Hardshaw Centre on Monday and Moss Bank Library on Thursday with teams on hand to offer advice and support.

Councillor Anthony Burns, Cabinet Member for Public Health, Leisure and Libraries, said: “It’s easy to think that you drink responsibly but it is always important to take time out to assess your relationship with alcohol and whether you might rely on it for support too much, drink a little more than the recommended units regularly or find yourself binge drinking – all of which can have an impact on your physical and mental wellbeing.

“We’re also encouraging parents to think about taking the ACE pledge because if young people start out with a healthy relationship with alcohol they are much more likely to continue that throughout their life and in turn reduce their risk of serious conditions that alcohol can have.”

For more specialised support you can contact Change, Grow, Live for adults at www.changegrowlive.org/content/st-helens-integrated-recovery-service or Young People’s Drug And Alcohol Team for anyone aged under 18 at yaz.sthelens.gov.uk.


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