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Swap your old blue box for a free bin


The Council is pressing ahead with plans to change from boxes to bins for the collection of plastic bottles, glass and cans and cardboard and paper to make its collection rounds more efficient and improve the environmental quality of the Borough.

Residents who currently have a blue box are using other containers such as bags or storage boxes or have had a blue box in the past for glass, cans and plastic bottles can request a free blue bin if ordered by 31 October 2018. From 1 November, any blue bins requested to replace a blue box will incur a charge. Any resident who has already ordered and paid for a blue bin to replace a blue box since 12 March 2018 will receive a full refund. These residents are known to the Council and will receive a letter shortly to inform them of their refund and how the money will be refunded back into their accounts. There is no need to contact the Council about the refund as this process will be automated to those residents that qualify.

A participation survey was undertaken in June to highlight those properties that are using blue boxes or other containers. These household will receive a letter shortly to explain that a blue bin will be delivered to their property unless they tell us that they do not wish to receive one by emailing stanley.admin@westlancs.gov.uk

It is possible that some residents will have been missed during this survey and therefore those residents who have not received a letter by the end of July can order a blue bin online at www.westlancs.gov.uk/refuse, free of charge until the 31 October. All orders will be processed as quickly as possible so there is no need for people to contact the Council again once they have placed their order and residents should continue to use their existing containers until the new ones arrive and then switch to using the blue bin. Delivery of free bins will be taking place until the end of October so don’t worry if you do not receive it straight away. Customers who need a replacement blue bin and those who live in new build properties, still need to pay £25 in line with the Council’s charging policy.

From 1 November, blue boxes will only be collected from those properties that are unable to have a bin due to its design or it is serviced by a vehicle that is not fitted with the necessary lifting equipment.

Heidi McDougall, Director of Leisure and Environment at West Lancashire Borough Council said: “A lot of the blue boxes have disappeared and residents are utilising various types of containers to present their waste causing operational and health and safety issues. Hopefully the offer of a free bin will help these residents make the switch before by the end of October and welcome a more efficient service”

Residents who are concerned about storage, only generating small amounts of recycling or the cost of a bin can opt to share with a neighbour, if possible. Alternatively, the bin can be presented less often or small amounts of recycling can be disposed of at a household waste recycling centre. The Council also offers an assisted collection for those residents who are unable to move a wheeled bin, this service can be requested at stanley.admin@westlancs.gov.uk

The Council is also aware from the survey undertaken that some residents have retained their blue box when blue bins were introduced and are using it for their cardboard and paper recycling. Again, these residents will be written to by the end of July. If you do not receive a letter you can request a free green bin, which is now needed for cardboard and paper recycling, by 31st October 2018. Customers who place their orders after this date, need a replacement bin or new properties will need to pay £25 in line with the Council’s charging policy.


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