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Sue Gregson to fight for Birch Green


Birch Green resident Sue Gregson has been chosen by Labour Party members in the ward to be Labour’s candidate in the upcoming by-election.

The by-election has been triggered following Cllr Claire Cooper’s resignation from the council.

Claire had represented the ward since May 2016, but has now chosen to step down from her role on the council.

Sue has lived in Birch Green for 45 years and has raised her family here and has grandchildren living here also. She has outlined her priorities for the ward and the town in her presentation to members.

Sue wishes to concentrate on building a safer and cleaner environment for Birch Green residents if successful in the expected November by-election.

Sue is a registered social worker and has worked in local government for over 20 years primarily in hospitals and social care. Following her selection, she said:

“I want to thank the Labour members who voted for their support. I consider it an honour and privilege to be given this opportunity. I will do my absolute best to represent the people of Birch Green ensuring their views are heard and they have a voice on the local council.

“Birch Green is my home and I want to work with fellow councillors to bring about the improvements we want and deserve.

“I will be about the ward over the next month and look forward to meeting residents from across Birch Green.”

Sue has already been involved in setting up www.facebook.com/groups/BirchGreenMatters to help residents raise the matters affecting their day to day lives, directly with the local ward councillor.

Council Leader Cllr Ian Moran said:

“I’d like to thank Claire for her hard work during her time as a councillor, across many roles including serving in the Cabinet and as a committee Chair.

“Claire was passionate about the town she lives in and I look forward to working with Sue who shares that same passion on the big issues in her ward, none bigger than the delivery of Skelmersdale town centre development with work set to start imminently.

“Sue and the Labour team will continue to be out and about around the ward, so I would encourage residents to talk with us about any issues and concerns that we can help with.”


  1. I can not find anything in this article that is accurate. I was at the selection meeting. All of the issues raised came from Claire Cooper, who did not resign. She was ousted via nepotism and backstabbing.
    Interview Claire, you may be surprised. This was not democracy in action.

  2. Andrew Taylor is the candidate for The Skelmersdale Independent party and to be seen as non politically biased, I sure hope you’ll also do a story on him and ALL the other candidates standing, in the election.

  3. Although quite upsetting and extremely difficult, to see and cope with, to date, I have followed advice and  not responded to the personal attacks on me and the defamation of my character attempts on social media.

    However the above comment from the so called   “Angry Labour Member”  is in my opinion a step too far. Therefore, as it’s in the public domain on a News website that my family, including my grandchildren, could maybe have access to either now, or in the future, I feel I have a  right to respond, in person, to defend myself and attempt to set the record straight.

    I doubt the person who wrote the above comment is a Labour Member and from the untruths in the comment I know they couldn’t of been in the room during the selection process,
    I do want to make a direct response to their comment though, so I will just call them by a name  I feel is much more fitting to their character in my response to them below.

    Dear Angry Person,

    You have obviously picked up on some comments being made regarding my recent success in becoming Birch Greens prospective Councillor and Mrs Coopers resignation. Which I suspect have been fabricated and fuelled by a deliberate and desperate attempt to discredit both myself personally and the Labour Party prior to the By – election. Given that some of the opposition party posts  on social media have quoted in the exact same words the allegations you have, I could probably guess the rational behind your comment. But maybe you are just acting Independently out of ignorance. Therefore, let me attempt to educate you.

    Every 4 years a  sitting Labour Councillor is up for Re – selection, this is the democratic process, otherwise a Councillor could remain in office for as long as they wanted, without being accountable or answerable to the people they represent.

    As Cllr Cooper had represented Birch Green Ward for almost 4 years she had to be  Re – selected in order to stand in the May 2020 elections. Even if I had chosen not to represent the residents of Birch Green her  Re – selection, would of taken place regardless, as is the fair and democratic process.

    If you, Angry Person, had been in the room, during this  procedure you would be aware our ward had the most Labour members in attendance and was the most democratically represented of all the wards on the day.

    You would of known that both  Mrs Cooper and I gave a presentation to the members in the room and then answered questions before the members voted. I have no reason to doubt they voted in good faith to select who they believed to be the best candidate to represent, Birch Green and the Labour Party in the local elections in May 2020.

    You would of also known that I told  the people in the room
    I was there for the same reason as them, because I cared about Birch Green and wanted to give residents a voice, as we had been forgotten for so long.
    You would also of heard me promise
    “That in four years time, when it’s my time for Re-selection I won’t be knocking on your door introducing myself as your Labour Councillor,  you will already know who I am”

    You would of also known that the overall majority of people voted for me,  only 3 members didn’t.
    So it is a pity you were not in the room at least, I would have an idea who you were and could have some redress by meeting with you to discuss why you would make such ludicrous, misleading and totally unfounded allegations.

    As you weren’t in the room let me assure you, no one was stabbed in the back and I have no nepotistic connections in the Labour Party, to the contrary I have felt quite isolated throughout the process.  You may be referring to the fact that I had two relatives in the room, they are Labour Party members and live in Birch Green so they are entitled to a vote and if, like you, they weren’t in the room, it would not of dented my overall majority.
    But even if you had been present  you would not of been aware I briefed my 2 relatives  beforehand not to ask Cllr Cooper any questions, as I didn’t want to be accused of feeding questions that may put her on the spot or make her feel uncomfortable and they respected my wishes.

    For your information I chose to stand in this Selection process because  I have spent my career as a social worker, fighting injustice and making sure people without a voice, have an advocate to speak on their behalf to ensure their voice is heard. As such I  am looking forward to meeting and consulting with the residents of Birch Green to help resolve their issues and problems alongside Cllr Coughlan who also lives in the ward. For the first time in as long as I can remember Birch Green has the potential to have two committed Labour Councillors, who live in the ward, acting on residents behalf.
    Hopefully, we will see improvements in our environment and subsequently in the health and well-being of our residents. Now I have time, I want to give something back to the community, and what better way to do it, than in the area where you live.

    So to recap there was no forced De – selection,  the reason Cllr Cooper was not Re – selected, is quite simply because I was Selected, in an unquestionable fair and democratic way. It actually was democracy in action.
    Cllr Cooper could of stayed in post until 2020. But instead she chose to resign, which has resulted in the subsequent, imminent By – election on 21st November.

    I hope now you know the truth,  it helps with your anger issues. As you really need to be aware, it can be quite upsetting to the people you choose to direct your anger at.
    I’m sorry, I won’t be replying to any other comments made by you Angry person, who ever you are. I just wanted to take this opportunity to set the record straight.

    I wish you well a final word of advice though, maybe next time, counting to ten before you respond will help.

    Kind regards
    Sue Gregson

  4. I am a labour party member and Claire Cooper says she did not resign. Everyone who knows Claire is in awe of the work she does. Sue Gregson has a very tough act to follow. There are also questions of other councillors conflict of interest with regards to the Labour Party’s Local Campaigns Forum i.e. the selection panel and maybe Skem News could follow these up and this is also being reported to the Labour Party itself. Also if only people who live in an area can make social change for the people in that area, there would have never been a labour movement in the first place so I think we need to stop raising the parochial card. The Labour Party should be a broad church of tolerance and not of the mindset that this is “a local shop for local people” which further proliferates division.


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