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Students from Liverpool present national online assembly ahead of COP26

Our Lady's Bishop Eton school
Our Lady's Bishop Eton school

Primary school students from Liverpool are the presenters of a national Eyes of the World presentation encouraging schools to campaign to stop climate change.

Pupils from Our Lady’s Bishop Eton Primary School, Liverpool, teamed up with the education team from Catholic aid agency CAFOD to produce the video, which features artwork from St Benedict’s Primary School in Netherton.

A similar video aimed at secondary schools has also been recorded. Both are available on YouTube and it is estimated the films will have been viewed by 100,000 children by the end of the summer. The secondary school video features Erin Walsh, 18 who is a member of a group of young climate campaigners from CAFOD heading to the G7 in June.

The films encourage pupils to take part in CAFOD’s Eyes of the World campaign. Young ​people are encouraged to take photos of their eyes, paint or draw eyes.

The campaign is aimed at world leaders who are gathering in Glasgow for the global COP26 climate talks in November. It reminds ​them that the Eyes of the World will be on them as they gather for talks on how the world can cut its carbon emissions to net zero.

As well as UK children, the films feature Rebeka, a young YouTuber from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Fatima from Bangladesh. Fatima’s community is threatened by rising sea levels and increasingly heavy storms. CAFOD is working in Bangladesh to help produce seeds that will grow even when there is heavy rain.

Tadhg, one of the students from Our Lady’s Bishop Eton Primary School who presented the assembly, says: “The assembly was important to spread the word about climate change. If we don’t deal with climate issues now it is only going to get worse and more difficult to stop.”

Student co-presenter Ella adds: ­­­“It was great to have the opportunity to be part of the assembly as not everyone gets to do something like this. COP26 is important. Everyone knows climate change is happening and the assembly helps people to understand what it’s really about.”

Bishop Eton’s parish priest, Fr Tim Buckley, CSSR is delighted at how the technology has brought thousands of children across the world together:

“Congratulations to the children of Bishop Eton who’ve joined with children all over the world to present this very powerful reflection on the need to look after our planet,” he said.

Headteacher at Our Lady’s Bishop Eton, Debbie Bostock says:

“It was a pleasure and a privilege to be part of CAFOD’s national assembly and we are grateful for the opportunity for our children to be part of the team driving these very important messages in advance of COP26.”

CAFOD’s representative for Lancashire, Siobhan Farnell, concludes:

“We were thrilled to see Our Lady’s Bishop Eton school presenting the Eyes of the World Assembly. As a livesimply Award winning school they really are a great inspiration to living in solidarity with our sisters and brothers overseas. We were also delighted St Benedict’s Primary School in Netherton contributed with lots of artwork too. The schools within the Liverpool Archdiocese are a wonderful support to CAFOD and we very much appreciate everything they do for us.”



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