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Skem First Facebook group Easter activities


Skem First Facebook group had 3 different events taking place in an effort to try and lift people’s spirits whilst we’re all stuck indoors over Easter.

The first of the three competitions was to win Easter eggs by finding Easter related icons that had been hidden in various posts and pictures. 10 eggs were won.

Here is a link to that thread…

The second competition that was held was an indoor treasure hunt. Group members had to post selfies with random household items, with everyone scoring points based on how quickly they did it.

Lots of craft items were awarded as prizes including craft kits, joke books, colouring pens, construction kits, etc

Here is a link to that particular thread…

The third of the competitions that was held was to design an Easter related poster, picture or craftwork. The group also allowed current posters related to key workers and NHS to enter. Skem First Facebook group asked West Lancs Mayor Gaynar Owen to choose the winning designs from the Easter / Key workers Project.

Here is a link to that particular thread…

The activities went on from 2pm to 7pm and everyone involved had an amazing time.

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