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Skelmersdale resident embarks upon self-motivated task of clearing up section of local woodland


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At first the project was just supposed to be a little clear up of the waterfall and the pathways in Delph Clough, and I’d like to say that I started this for the community but that’s not how it started. It started as a means for me to keep myself occupied and I was fed up of seeing the area where I go to relax in such ruin.

After I’d cleared the waterfall I was going to walk away and had said to myself “that was a job well done”, but then I remembered what my granddad had said to me when I was growing up. “If you are going to start something, finish it! There’s no point only doing half a job” after I remembered that I couldn’t walk away from it.

When I had finished clearing the rubbish and glass from the waterfall I took a step back and thought “what if I dug out the waterfall area and made it look like a small lagoon?” After that it kind of snowballed into something much bigger! I found myself pulling out burnt wheelie bins and bin bags of rubbish, as well as so much glass from the waterfall and surrounding areas in the Delph that I couldn’t in good conscience just leave it there, especially knowing children play there!

I kept going down every other day and continued to dig out what glass and rubbish I could. With the help of a friend and a few kind people from the memories of Skem Facebook group, we used hand saws to cut the fallen trees from the paths. We cleared the overgrowth from the streamside bench and eventually had the area looking a little more like it once was.

My main goal now is to clear the large field next to the waterfall for a picnic area (which I have already begun work on) and to fully restore the pathways and trails leading in and around the Delph. If I can manage to get the area resembling how I remember it being when I was younger I will be happy with the task I have undertaken.

When I started the task I honestly never thought it would have grown into what it has done. I started it as I wanted to clean the area up as I had fond memories of times I spent playing there when I was younger, and I wanted to try and make a small difference. I would like to thank those people who have helped in their own ways, whether this has been coming down and helping carry out some of the work, or cleaning up the waste that was there or even those comments that I have heard and been told about from those who have heard about my task!

I have to say that I never started out the task to receive and rewards or compliments, I just wanted to do something to help return in a small way an area that had fond memories of my childhood to what I remembered it being.

EDITORS NOTE: We have been provided with the name of the person who has carried out this task and the above article is written by the local resident himself. We have been asked to keep his name out of the article and have agreed to his request.

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