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Skelmersdale Poundstretcher officially opens in Tawd Valley Centre

Cllr Mrs Marilyn Westley, West Lancashire Mayor, officially opens Skelmersdale Poundstretcher

Skelmersdale’s Tawd Valley Centre today welcomed their latest tenant, when Poundstretcher officially opened their doors to the people of Skelmersdale. In what could be classed as a good omen for the store, the day started with rain but that cleared and revealed bright sunshine shortly before the official opening of the store at 10am.

Poundstretcher Skelmersdale, where every penny counts, offers amazing bargains across an impressive array of household products and everyday essentials. From groceries, confectionery, kitchen appliances, furniture, décor, gardening tools, storage solutions, and electrical goods.

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Poundstretcher have more than 350 stores located across the UK, all of which offer a wide range of products for those looking for good value.

The Mayor of West Lancashire, Cllr Marilyn Westley, officially opened the store at 10am. The opening was attended by a sizeable crowd of waiting shoppers who looked eager to explore the store and search out some bargains.

The first customer in the queue for the opening of Poundtrstcher’s Skelmersdale store was given the opportunity of a trolley dash around the store!

Poundstretcher Trolley Dash winner

Skelmersdale Foodbank were also at the opening of the Poundstretcher store, and were grateful recipients of £200 worth of vouchers to spend in the store to help out those in need of support in the area.

Poundstretcher Manager, Ryan, donating £200 in vouchers to Skelmersdale Foodbank
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