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Skelmersdale Concourse undergoes exterior cleaning


Skelmersdale’s Concourse Shopping Centre has recently undergone an exterior cleaning. The work, which was carried out by Blast Away Industrial Cleaning, cleaned off the dirt from the exterior of the building. The work took a number of stages to carry out, and the process started off with a chemical being applied to the organic growth on the surface. This allows the growth to be softened and lifted from the surface, which is then steam cleaned at a temperature of 120° Celsius and at a pressure of 150 bar.

The steam cleaning stage kills the algae, lichen, etc and maximises the results of the cleaning, which will mean that the surfaces will remain cleaner for longer. The elevation cleaned in the video took 4 hours to complete the cleaning from start to finish, and there are still other areas of cladding which Blast Away Industrial Cleaning are yet to clean at the Concourse.

The cladding in the video which was cleaned is GRP, which stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic, which is more than 50 years old that had not been cleaned for 8 years. The last cleaning used cold water, which is nowhere near as effective as the process which is being used by Blast Away Industrial Cleaning.

Blast Away Industrial Cleaning are a family run company based in Manchester.


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