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Skelmersdale Concourse suspends car parking restrictions – now get rid of Smart Parking

skem skelmersdale parking
Photo Credit: Cllr Neil Furey

Skelmersdale Concourse Shopping Centre has now suspended its on-site car parking restrictions. Signage is now on display indicating ‘Unlimited Free Parking’.

Skelmersdale North Councillor Neil Furey commented:

“I am really pleased that Skelmerdale Concourse Shopping Centre has finally lifted its unnecessary car parking restrictions and allow unlimited free parking. Given the current financial difficulties facing retailers this is absolutely the right thing to do.

“For the last 3 years I have received numerous complaints regarding enforcement of car parking restrictions by controversial outfit Smart Parking.

“Car parking remains free at Skelmersdale Concourse and there was no need or evidence to support heavy handed enforcement of car parking restrictions. With long stay car parking arrangements available in the multi-story car park restrictions could have easily been lifted some time ago.

“The enforcement operation and issue of £100.00 Parking Charge Notices was actually driving much needed customers away from shopping at the centre. I expect motorists will be relieved that they can now park without the prospect of a £100.00 PCN and threats of court action by Smart Parking.

“Having lifted car parking restrictions there is now no need for enforcement action. The Concourse now need to do the right thing and get rid of Smart Parking without delay.”


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