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Share your memories of Knowsley’s local businesses


Kirkby Gallery will be hosting an exhibition from September which will celebrate industry in Knowsley – the goods produced here and the people who made them. In order to do that, we want to hear the memories local people have of the businesses they remember from the past few decades.

‘Made on Merseyside’ will share the stories of businesses large and small, from past and present.

At the heart of the exhibition are objects, photos and footage of colleagues, factories and workshops, loaned from a variety of individuals and organisations, as well drawing upon Prescot Museum’s collection. As a result, this exhibition should be of interest to all of our communities.

If you have anything that brings back memories of businesses, past and present – products, photos, order forms, packaging – or even just a great memory or story about the company or the characters, Kirkby Gallery would love to talk to you. Perhaps you worked in or owned a business in Knowsley? Or maybe you were a loyal customer who remembers a business fondly.

The following places are examples of businesses in Knowsley that would be great to be featured in Made on Merseyside:
• Tinling’s
• Blundell’s Files
• Huntley and Palmer
• Bryant and May
• Hornby Meccano
• Bird’s Eye
• Connolly’s
• Contract Chemicals
• Amazon Studios
• Royal Ordnance Factory
• Leather Satchel Company
• Lancashire Watch Company
• Tushingham’s
• Ford
• Cronton Colliery
• Whiston Colliery
• English Electric
• Jaguar Land Rover

There are two upcoming memory sharing days for you to share your memories or information about anywhere in Knowsley that has produced products over the years.

Come along to Kirkby Gallery on Wednesday 24 or Thursday 25 July 2019 between 10am and 3pm. Please note that interviews are being timetabled so please get in touch in advance of these dates.

Kirkby Gallery is particularly keen to include vinyl records, tapes etc. recorded at the former Amazon Studios in Kirkby. If anyone has any which could be loaned to the gallery and be part of this exhibition that would be wonderful, and will help bring plenty of nostalgia to many. A full list of the songs recorded there are available on www.knowsleynews.co.uk.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Made on Merseyside exhibition or finding out more about how you can be part of it, email tina.ball@knowsley.gov.uk

Cllr Shelley Powell, Cabinet Member for Communities and Neighbourhoods, said: “The Made on Merseyside exhibition is going to bring back plenty of memories for some people, whether they owned or worked in a business, or have just visited. Industry in Knowsley deserves to be celebrated and businesses we’ve had here deserve to be remembered so if you think you can contribute to this exhibition, get in touch.”


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