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Schools Parking Conflict – Task Force Needed Now

Red Rose Lancashire

Parliament’s powerful all-party committee of MPs top spending watchdog, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), has accused the government of failing to plan for job losses, school closures and the failure to obtain PPE equipment to protect front line staff.

With children set to return to schools right across Lancashire in September. All schools are reviewing their risk assessments as they consider the guidance around COVID-19. Preparation is important not only to reduce the risks but to give confidence to their parents and guardians that their children will be safe.

Prior to the Covid crisis there was growing conflict around inappropriate parking by parents with each other, local communities and the schools, especially at arriving and going home times.

Cllr John Fillis, Deputy Leader, Lancashire Labour Group, said “This damming government report of its failure to plan ahead is no surprise to anyone. It’s finding are being replicated by Lancashire’s Conservative Administration who are failing to consultation with local communities and councillor’s regarding home to school travel arrangements.”

Our schools have and will continue to do a fantastic job in supporting the education of children as safely as possible. But with the changing requirements from home to school travel we will see, staged start times, reduction in regular bus availability as well as some dedicated services failing to operate. All these changes will see the number of children arriving by private car increase dramatically.”

We already had conflicts across Lancashire between parents inconsiderate parking around schools and local communities before the COVID crisis. Schools cannot deal with this directly it’s the responsibility of the county council to step up and step in to bring people together. We know there has been a problem and there will be a problem. Lancashire has published guidance and introduced fines but the problems have persisted as there is no one on the ground to organise practical steps or issue the fines.”

We would be happy to work with the current administration to establish a task force as part of the Covid community hub structure to support each school, their local community and councillor’s to prevent conflict through bespoke strategies that would encourage safe traffic flows around schools. Many schools and local residents are already working together what we need is a council prepared to look to the future and not just respond to problems but prevent them from happening. We have seen a tremendous community spirit grow across Lancashire lets enhance it and build a better future.”

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