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Remember the victims of Srebrenica


West Lancashire Borough Council is joining a national campaign encouraging people to remember the victims of the genocide in Srebrenica.

This year marks the 23rd anniversary of the atrocities, during which over 8000 men and boys were murdered.

The Council, like many others across the country, has been asked by the government to mark Srebrenica Memorial Week from 8 to 15 July and will do so by lighting up the Clock Tower in Ormskirk and the Lightcube in Skelmersdale in green and white from dusk and until dawn.

This year’s theme “Acts of Courage” has been set by Memorial Day organisers, Remembering Srebrenica and is a reminder that hope and the common bonds of humanity can triumph in the darkest of times.

Remembering Srebrenica invites us all to draw strength and inspiration from those who, during the genocide and ethnic cleansing, were bold enough to resist an ideology of division, protect their neighbours, and speak out for truth and justice. The organisation says the baton of courage has now been passed on and it is up to us learn the lessons from Srebrenica.

Councillor Noel Delaney, Mayor of West Lancashire, said: “It is now more important than ever for us to come together, no matter what our background, to celebrate diversity and to stand together in solidarity against discrimination.

“We hope you will join us in mourning the loss of those who died at Srebrenica, and reflecting on how we as individuals, groups and communities can be more united together.

“Genocide is a gradual process which begins when the differences between us are not celebrated but used as a reason to exclude or marginalise. By learning from the lessons of the past, we can create a safer, better future.”

To find out more about what happened at Srebrenica and more about events in your area during Srebrenica Memorial Week please visit www.srebrenica.org.uk


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