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Keep pets safe on Bonfire Night


Keep your pet safe from harm by protecting them from fireworks on Bonfire Night.

West Lancashire Borough Council has some handy advice for owners to stop animals straying from their homes to find a safe place away from the loud noises.

Councillor Kevin Wright, portfolio holder for Community Safety, said: “Bonfire Night is a distressing time for animals, especially if fireworks are being set off over several evenings. Our tips aim to help to ensure that pets and their owners have a stress-free time.”

Remember to:

  • Close all windows and curtains and put on some music, or the television, to mask the sounds of fireworks
  • If your pet shows any sign of fear, try to ignore their behaviour unless there is imminent danger – for example if they are likely to self-harm
  • Do not fuss over or try to reassure your pet when they are frightened
  • Never show anger if they appear frightened – this will only convince them that there is something to be afraid of
  • Make sure they are kept in a secure and safe environment at all times, so that they cannot bolt and escape in reaction to a sudden noise. If you have had your pet micro-chipped/tattooed you will certainly improve the chances of a safe return if they do escape. All dogs should have a collar and tag providing details of ownership
  • Set a good example and ignore the fireworks’ noise yourself
  • Exercise your pet during daylight hours – never take them for a walk when fireworks are being let off
  • If you know of another pet that is not scared by noises and gets on well with yours, then keeping the two together during the evenings may help your animal to realise there’s no need to be afraid
  • If your pet has been distressed in the past, please don’t ignore the problem and you can seek advice from your vet.

If you lose your dog please contact the Environmental Enforcement Team on 01695 577177. For more information, visit www.westlancs.gov.uk/dogs.

Firework users are also being urged to act responsibly by using low noise fireworks; picking up debris after it has cooled down and disposing of it safely; following the safety guidelines for using fireworks at all times.


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