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Ormskirk School Supporting an end to Period Poverty


29% of under 17 year olds have missed out on School education or work due to not having access to sanitary products. Ormskirk School have committed to ensuring that none of their students ever miss out on their education due to being on a period. Ormskirk School is campaigning to end Period Poverty. They asked pupils to bring sanitary product donations into School on International Women’s Day. The response was fantastic.

Lancashire County Councillor Nikki Hennessy asked the foundation Governors to support this campaign and they agreed to give £300 to the School. Nikki went into the School to talk with one of the acting head teachers Mrs Karen Smith & Miss Helen Jones to discuss how the School could lead on this.

It was agreed that a further meeting would be set up with pupils from all years to let them decide how this could happen. The students decided that they would launch their support on International Woman’s Day and also produce a questionnaire that will be sent to all female students to gather information about how the school can support the students when on their period.

Councillor Hennessy said ‘I am so proud of our students at Ormskirk School. When I met with the students they were willing to not only help their fellow students but happy to share their experiences. It was sad that things have not change much since I was going to School in the 1970’s, we have all had awkward experiences but there is now such a willingness to support each other. We hope to set up a safe place where students can comfortably access sanitary products and advice. The information will be given to all year seven students during the Skills for Life lessons starting after Easter.’

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