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Ormskirk County Councillor Nikki Hennessy was invited to act as Speaker of House for a Debating Motion on ‘Should there limits on gaming?’ between year 5 & 6 pupils from St Anne’s Catholic Primary School and Ormskirk West End Primary School.

As St Anne’s were the host, they acted as The Government and Ormskirk West End was the official opposition.

Councillor Hennessy said “It was fun being promoted to Speaker of the House as part of our Local Schools Parliament. Both sides of the house voiced their support for there to be ‘Limits’ set on gaming adding;

– too much gaming could affect how they behave if watching aggressive games

– it could affect their relationship with friends and family

– it has made some have nightmares after playing games

– there is a financial cost

– But it is also a lot of fun!

And like true Politicians, what they said and how they voted for was two very different things!

30 voted for Limits to Gaming and 21 Voted against!

I was so proud to listen to each and everyone take turns to speak up. And of course, I got to say ‘Order! Order!’

A big thank you to all the pupils that took part in the debate and for the teachers who supported the event.”


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