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West Lancashire College respond to claims from Our West Lancashire about access to 3G pitches

In response to the article from Our West Lancashire about access to the 3G pitches at Glenburn, we received the following response from West Lancashire College.

There are real Health and Safety concerns around the now empty former College buildings at Yewdale, in Skelmersdale. The site is plagued with vandalism, there is no electricity or street lighting and it has recently been set on fire.

Access to the 3G pitches is via the College buildings’ access road and it would be irresponsible of NCG as owner of the site to allow visitors to be attracted to the site in its present condition when their safety cannot be guaranteed.

NCG makes absolutely no ‘excuses’ for putting the safety of young people first.

West Lancashire Borough Council have yet to determine the potential long term use of the site and we are working closely with them to agree next steps.

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