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Vulnerable People will be forced from their Homes in Lancashire

Proposals by Lancashire Conservative Administration will force many elderly and vulnerable people out of their homes according to Cllr Jean Parr. This will result in increased admissions to the NHS and residential homes.

In addition to the 14% increase in home care support charges already introduced by the Conservative Administration in 2018, they are now proposing to increase day centre charges by a further inflation busting 15%.

The council are now considering stopping all “Home Improvements Services” predominantly for people with long term conditions and people with disabilities. This includes maintenance, repair and improvement of their properties, housing options advice, income maximisation or have access to a reliable handypersons service.

Cllr Jean Parr, Labours Deputy for Adult Social Care, said “It’s clear that in order for people to stay at home they will need support. Family and friends can only do so much, they will be forcing vulnerable people to seek help from over stretched charities and volunteers to maintain their homes.”

In the budget proposals that will not be for public consultation. Where it is now specified that people require the support of two carers, the Conservative Administration are proposing to cut the number of carers from two to one member of staff. The work required means moving people round their homes safely and supporting them with hygiene care. Hoist and mechanical aids are already being used to support them in their work.

Cllr Jean Parr, continued “The council have even claimed that “people will have a better experience of care because it will be more personalised and dignified”, when they cut the number of care staff. There is absolutely no evidence to support such a claim. We have written to the chief executive to provide us with the evidenced based research that cutting care staff benefits those in need. With no response from the chief executive.”

“The fact is it will cause fear and anxiety, creating tension between the cared for and the carer. Lancashire will also be providing financial incentives for the businesses to cut back on these vital staff with no reference to the preference of those in need.”

“One of these actions alone would cause concern but all of them together will have a devastating effect on the elderly and vulnerable people, forcing them out of their homes, into NHS beds and long stay homes. This is totally against what the government has been claiming in keeping people at home is better for the individual and the NHS.”

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