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UK: Six-year old British boy denied entry to UK ‘deeply disturbing and shameful’

Responding to reports that the Home Office has revoked the passport and denied travel to the UK to six-year old Mohamed Barrak Diallo Bangoura following a holiday in Belgium,  Allan Hogarth, Amnesty International’s Head of Advocacy, said:

“The refusal to allow six-year old Mohamed Bangoura to return home to his mother is a deeply disturbing and shameful move by the Home Office.

“Children across the UK are suffering from the harmful effects of the UK’s hostile immigration system. An estimated 120,000 are currently stuck in limbo, denied their right to citizenship and facing unaffordable and profit-making fees.

“We urge the Home Office to allow Mohamed to return home to his mother and urgently review its child citizenship policies and fees.”

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