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UK is making sure one million girls across the Commonwealth get a quality education

The UK is making sure one million girls across the Commonwealth get a quality education to play a transformational role in their communities and societies.

Almost one million vulnerable and marginalised girls in developing countries across the Commonwealth will receive the life-changing education they need to become the thinkers and leaders of the future, the Prime Minister announced today (Tuesday 17th April).

130 million girls around the world are missing out on school, and in Sub-Saharan Africa fewer than 1 in 20 poor, rural girls are on track to complete secondary school.

DFID’s Girls Education Challenge will make sure 920,000 girls continue their education through primary, secondary school and training, so they can fulfil their potential to play a transformational role in their communities, economies and political institutions.

Today’s announcement will also give a further 53,000 adolescent girls in developing countries across the Commonwealth, who have never attended or dropped out of school due to poverty, motherhood, disability or conflict, a second chance to learn through catch-up classes and vital skills training.

DFID is also launching a new research partnership with the Malala Fund and the UN Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) to help governments better harness their own resources to break down barriers to education for the most marginalised girls.

International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt said:

“Girls across the Commonwealth have huge potential to be the world’s next generation of problem-solvers, innovators and leaders.

“But too many girls are still missing out on school. That’s why the UK is working with our Commonwealth partners to make sure that every girl receives the life-changing quality education they need to achieve their full potential.

“Getting girls into school, and then into good employment, allows them to play a transformational role lifting their communities out of poverty, growing their economies and shaping the future of their countries.”

The Girls Education Challenge is making it easier and safer for girls to get to school, training and equipping good quality teaching staff, and working with communities and families to raise awareness of the vital importance of educating girls.

Through its new Policy Lab, the UK is also sharing its world-class education expertise, to support the Commonwealth to work together to deliver for girls.

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