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Transformer takes to the road en route to West Midlands

A transformer is being moved from docks in Ellesmere Port to Willenhall substation in the West Midlands between Sunday and Tuesday.

  • New transformer to be delivered to Willenhall substation
  • 170 tonne piece of equipment will keep electricity flowing across the Midlands
  • Delivery carefully planned to keep traffic moving

A big load will take to the road at approximately 8.00am on Sunday 19 August as National Grid moves a new transformer from Ellesmere Port to Willenhall substation, in west Midlands. It is expected to arrive at the substation by 1.00am on Tuesday 21 August after making a 24 hour stop.

The new piece of equipment which measures 8.2m long x 5.2m wide x 4.4m high and weighs in at 170 tonnes will be installed at the substation to help National Grid continue to deliver electricity to homes and businesses across midlands and beyond.

Most of National Grid’s substations were built between the 1950s and 1970s and equipment such as transformers need to be replaced to keep them working efficiently. New transformers are also installed to connect new sources of generation or when demand for electricity is growing.

Ben McKenzie-Williams, National Grid Project Engineer said: “Our network operates smoothly, safely and efficiently over 99.9999% of the time – a statistic we’re very proud of. Millions of people rely on us to supply their electricity without interruption, day in, day out and so it’s important that we keep our substations and the equipment in them working efficiently.”

The new transformer will be carried on a special transporter measuring 67 meters long and 5.3 meters wide. It will travel at around 10 miles an hour and will take the following route:

The transformer will leave Ellesmere Port in Cheshire via the A5032 to join the M53 at junction 9, and travel east until it reaches the M6. It will then travel south on the M6 to junction 10, where it will come off onto the A454, travel along it until it meets the A463 at the Keyway roundabout. It will come off the roundabout onto the B4484,  travel along it for a 100m, continuing along on to the B4590 for about 300m before turning left into to the substation entrance.

If people have questions about the delivery, they can ring the Faye Scullion, National Grid’s Regional External Affairs Manager on 07773 1881190 between 7.00am -5.00pm or email Faye.Scullion @nationalgrid.com.

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