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The launch of the new 2017/18 Mayor’s Award

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The Mayor of Chorley has chosen Young Addaction as one of his charities and they will be using all money donated to them for the new 2017/18 Mayor’s Award.

Young Addaction is a well-known charity which strives to provide young people with support and information on alcohol and drug abuse.

The ‘Mayor’s Award’ scheme is working in conjunction with this as it hopes to offer opportunities to young people whilst raising awareness of the partnered charity.

Councillor Mark Perks, Mayor of Chorley, said “The Mayor’s Award programme for 2017/18 has been introduced as a result of my interest in helping young people. The programme is a unique way of transferring my donations which hopes to see multiple benefits for those involved.

“The Mayor’s Award scheme allows young people to develop their skills and enhance their opportunities. With four areas to complete to receive an awarded level, young people are encouraged to join the scheme to widen their skill set.

“The awards are being funded by my donations to the charity Young Addaction. The charity always aims to provide for young children, which is exactly what they are doing for this scheme.”

Participants can be awarded one of three levels; bronze, silver and gold. The difference in level is defined by the amount of hours put in by participants.

To reach one of these levels, participants must complete four areas which are; a skill, sport, volunteering and an overnight camp.

To receive their award, young people will be invited to join a Mayors Award Presentation Evening.

The Mayor’s Award will be launched over the school summer holidays and will run for the duration of Mark Perks time as Mayor until May 2018.

For any schools interested in taking part please contact Paula Brindle on 01257 515113 or paula.brindle@chorley.gov.uk

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