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The improvement of local play areas sees better facilities for children

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Children in Chorley are now able to try out new equipment at two of the Borough’s improved play areas.

Osborne Drive in Clayton-le-Woods has been reconstructed and Jubilee Recreation Ground in Adlington now has an additional toddler area.

Both sets of improvements have been made following suggestions made by local residents.

Councillor Alistair Bradley, Leader of Chorley Council said: “The construction of the two play areas is guaranteed to improve the local areas by ensuring children are able to enjoy their time in the park in a safe environment. The playground on Osborne Drive has seen a complete renovation which has transformed the area for the better.

“The design of Jubilee Recreation Ground has been driven by the views of local site users, combining play facilities for all age groups into one so that families can use the space together. The new toddler play area is adjacent to exciting play equipment for older children, with fencing added for safety.

“Both developments have created a sense of community by involving local residents in the design process and adapting the park to their needs.”

The old equipment at Osborne Drive has been replaced with a modern design, providing a diverse range of challenging equipment within a safe environment. With additional equipment provided in the area, the park is able to cater for children aged 2-12+.

Jubilee Recreation Ground has seen the construction of an additional area to their existing playground. The new area is purposely built for toddlers to ensure that the park has maximum use by all children.

The toddler play area at the Jubilee Recreation Ground has been funded by each of the following; Chorley Council, Fields in Trust and Adlington Town Council.

With both play areas now completed, local communities will be able to enjoy the play areas throughout the summer.

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