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SkemNews pleased to announce they will be working with the children’s communication charity I CAN

SkemNews.com are pleased and honoured to announce that we will be working very closely with I CAN, the children’s communication charity.

Exactly who are I CAN?

I CAN is the children’s communication charity. The charity specialises in helping children develop the speech, language and communication skills they need to thrive in a 21st -century world.

Children and young people can fail to reach their potential because communication difficulties are not visible, often mistaken for something else, or not noticed at all.

I CAN’s mission is that no child should be left out or left behind because of a difficulty speaking or understanding.

For further information on I CAN’s work visit ican.org.uk or talkingpoint.org.uk or follow on Twitter @ICANcharity and Facebook at facebook.com/icantalk.

Over the coming weeks we will be publishing articles to help raise the awareness of the work which is carried out by I CAN, and to help to promote their projects both locally and on a national scale.

If you have any questions about the works carried out by I CAN you can send them to info@skemnews.com.


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