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Skelmersdale on Track

Cllr John Fillis on the Proposed Station Site on Glenburn

Skelmersdale Train Station remains on track according to the Transport for the North most recently published “Investment Programme”.

Transport for the North’s (TfN’s) Strategic Transport Plan sets out an ambitious vision for how transport can support transformational, inclusive growth in the North of England through to 2050. The Investment Programme comprises TfN’s advice to the Government on the long-term, multimodal priorities for enhanced pan-Northern connectivity.

The new rail link and town centre station connecting Skelmersdale to Liverpool and Manchester, as well as the national rail network is proposed by Lancashire, Liverpool City Region and Greater Manchester.

TfN’s evidence demonstrates that Skelmersdale Train Station could and should have a start made on the delivery before 2027. It is included in the early phases of the Northern Powerhouse Rail programme. The year 2027 has been chosen as an initial point within the Investment Programme to reflect when HS2 is due to be completed to Crewe, and when HS2 services will commence running to stations across the North West. The Skelmersdale link will be at Wigan.

Cllr John Fillis, Deputy Leader, Lancashire Labour Group, said “We began developing this project through the West Lancashire Highways and Transport Master Plan, produced by Lancashire County Council in 2014.Since then it has gained tremendous support from local residents and the wider community of West Lancashire. All of whom recognise the enormous economic and environmental benefits that having a direct link into two great cities, Liverpool and Manchester, will bring within West Lancashire.”

“The development of Skelmersdale Train Station should not be confused with the West Lancashire Local Plan Review, which is now being considered by the borough council. The Skelmersdale Train Station project is there on its own merits and is making steady progress.”

“This has been a long time coming but we have had to gain support from across the North, which we have done and provide the government with enough evidence to fund the project, which we are doing. I would like to thank local people for their support and patience in keeping Skelmersdale on Track.”

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