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Skelmersdale Concourse Shopping Centre should scrap ANPR car parking fines immediately

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Skelmersdale North Councillor Neil Furey is calling for ANPR car parking fines to be scrapped immediately by the Concourse Shopping Centre. He is also calling for all previous fines issued by Smart Parking to be reimbursed to motorists without delay. This is after it was revealed the ANPR cameras, masts and signage were installed without planning permission from the Council.

Skelmersdale North Councillor Neil Furey commented:

“I expect motorists will be angry to learn that Skelmersdale Concourse Shopping Centre didn’t bother to obtain planning permission for its Smart Parking ANPR cameras and signage. For the last 12 months I have received a number of complaints about incorrect £100.00 Parking Charges Notices being issued to motorists by Smart Parking.

“With motorists being accused of overstaying or even staying overnight when they have done nothing of the sort. Motorists have then been hounded by Smart Parking with further demands and threats of court action. In some cases motorists have had to produce their own video footage to challenge PCN’s.

“Smart Parking has consistently failed to accurately record images of vehicles entering and leaving the site or recognise that motorists have made two trips to the car parks but had done so within the advertised restrictions. In short Smart Parking has been using every trick in the book to issue £100.00 Parking Charge Notices in the hope that motorists will just cough up.

“Motorists I have spoken to are rightly outraged at the tactics and heavy handed behaviour of Smart Parking. When contesting PCN demands, motorists have told me they are just being fobbed off.”

Skelmersdale North Councillor Neil Furey continued:-

“As the Smart Parking ANPR equipment and signage has been installed without planning permission I will be demanding the Concourse Shopping Centre scraps car parking fines immediately. I will also be calling for all fines issued by Smart Parking be reimbursed to motorists without delay.”


The Concourse have been contacted for their comments, we await a response.

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